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General Information:

Are you looking for a sponsor to get CEUs for a workshop you are presenting?  Are you hosting a conference?  PCRID is here to help!  Please see the information below to get you started.  Questions? Contact ceu.workshops@pcrid.org


PCRID offers workshop processing to organization members for just $31.  If your workshop happens again within a 12 month period, repeats are only $10 each.  Non-member pricing is $50 for the initial workshop and $16 for repeats within 12 months.  An organizational membership is just $75/year.  Join here!

Pay for Workshops


At least 45 days before the workshop, submit all materials in the checklist below to ceu.workshops@pcrid.org for review.  Please see our FAQ below on this paperwork.

  • RID Sponsor Form
  • Instructor Form
  • Receipt of payment to PCRID (forward the email or send a screenshot)
  • All workshop advertisements
  • Sample Certificate of Attendance
  • Sample Evaluation Form


Within 10 days after the workshop, submit all materials as specified in the checklist below to ceu.workshops@pcrid.org.


Sponsor & Instructor Forms:

Complete all sections of the RID Sponsor Form and the Instructor Form, except for the activity number which will be assigned upon approval.

For help with creating workshop objectives, visit the RID website at www.rid.org.

Evaluation & Summary:

Attendees must be given the opportunity to evaluate a workshop after it is complete. Submit a copy of the evaluation form distributed to attendees, or you may use RID's standard evaluation form. A tally and summary of the evaluations must be provided on the Evaluation Summary form.

If you'd like information on how to set up electronic evaluations, contact us at ceu.workshops@pcrid.org.

Certificate of Attendance:

Workshop hosts must provide attendees with a certificate of attendance. You may create your own, or use this Sample Certificate of Attendance. If you choose to create your own certificate of attendance, it must include:

    • Title of the workshop
    • Name of the Participant
    • Date & Time of the workshop
    • Name of the Sponsor (PCRID - Heather Turell)
    • Activity Number (You will get this when your workshop is approved)
    • Number and category of CEUs.

Activity Report Forms:

All attendees must sign-in on an attendance form. RID provides a paper sign-in Activity Report Form (ARF). If you choose the paper sign-in sheet, you must transfer this data by entering it into the RID Electronic ARF, and submit both to the sponsor. If you'd like more information about the RID Electronic ARF, contact us at ceu.workshops@pcrid.org.

Tip: Require attendees to enter their e-mail address on the ARF or Electronic ARF in case there is any incorrect or missing information.

Advertising Materials:

Submit all advertising for approval before you begin to advertise, to 
Advertisement Criteria:
    • RID CMP and ACET logos.
    • Your refund and cancellation policies
    • The number & type of CEUs (e.g., 2.5 PS CEUs)
    • This statement: PCRID is an RID approved Sponsor of Continuing Education Activities.
    • Your target audience & content level
    • A statement of reasonable accommodations
    • Non-discrimination statement and notice of safe learning environments
    • A summary of the learning objectives
    • Bio for the presenter(s)

Instructional Materals:

Provide a copy of ALL instructional materials used during the workshop. This includes: a detailed workshop agenda, presentation notes, powerpoint slides, handouts and other resources distributed to attendees. This is to ensure the educational validity of the event.

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