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PCRID and the Impact of the Global Pandemic

A message from the PCRID President, Traci Ison

Dear PCRID Members,

When the pandemic happened, it did not occur to the PCRID board as appropriate or responsible to move forward with business as usual pretending nothing has or is happening in the world. The Pandemic has hit many people hard. Many interpreters and people in our field who we live, love, and work beside have been experiencing reduction of work & income, loss of loved ones, and challenges with mental health due to isolation. Cynicism and resignation is at an all time high. Now, perhaps more than ever before, each one of us is impacted by uncertainty and fear, and the constant state of concern that comes with it. 

While I do not know what the future holds, there is one thing that is for certain—  that life will always be uncertain. In the face of everything that is happening, I continue to be committed to being your president & leader for this organization. I am declaring the possibility of this volunteer-led organization and our community being compassionate, open, brave, and empowering. My request is that every member of the interpreter community, together with stakeholders and allies, take on speculating what it looks like to create newly with discovery and innovation.


Traci Ison

PCRID President 2019-2020


Precautions for Interpreters Working COVID-19 Assignments

This site shares tips on how to prepare and protect yourself during interpreting assignments and common acronyms that are routinely used, especially nationally.

Latest Guidance from the Centers for Disease Control

The CDC provides daily updates and guidance on the rapidly evolving pandemic, COVID-19.

The Washington, D.C. Mayor's Office COVID-19 Updates

Daily communication from the Washington, D.C. Mayor's Office to keep you updated on the impact of COVID-19

Maryland Governor's Office COVID-19 Updates

The Maryland Governor's Office will continue to update the public throughout this rapidly evolving public health event. Live updates are streamed to the governor’s FacebookTwitter, and YouTube pages.

Federal Contractors & Telework Eligibility

The Executive Office of the President issued a memorandum encouraging Federal agency flexibility regarding Federal contractors' performance and telework eligibility. 

A Temporary Boost to Unemployment Compensation 

Information on unemployment benefits for freelancers during the COVID-19 directives

Financial Support for Independent Contractors

Financial help for freelancers and independent contractors affected by the coronavirus crisis.


With the passage of the CARES Act, more resources are becoming available for freelancers, the self-employed, and small businesses. 

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