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Conference Orientation

This Page is training intended for participants of the Service Learning Program

2018 Annual Conference

Service Learning Partnership

How it works:

1. Student volunteers will be placed on each conference committee throughout the conference planning and preparation stage. The intention is to create a teaching/ learning relationship between each student volunteer and committee chair.

2. Committee Chiars will communicate with the student volunteers who are placed with their committee, and student volunteers will participate as committee members.

3. Student will also volunteer on-site in the role of Conference Support Staff during the weekend of the conference, under the coordination of the Support Staff Coordinator.

Goal: Mutual Benefit

PCRID's goal is to have volunteers to support the annual conference, while minimizing the loss of member registration fees. The goal of the Student and the student's educational institute is to provide service in the Deaf and interpreting communities, while getting a meaurable learning/teaching experience.

What it Looks Like:

  • Students are under supervision of their instructor, and receive educational credit within their interpreting program for their service experiences.
  • The PCRID Service Learning Coordinator will provide liaison support to committee chairs, and in training and orienting students to their roles.
  • Both, the PCRID Service Learning Coordinator, and the student's educational institute will provide support to students working with the PCRID board and committee chairs.


Conference Committee, Co-chairs

Bradley Christlieb & Felicia Williams
Role: Conference Coordinators


PCRID Board, Director of Meetings

Keisha Osborne
Role: Liaison to the Board of Directors


Board Roles in the Conference

Gina D’Amore

  • PCRID Board Role: President
  • Conference Role: Business Meeting

Paris McTizic

  • PCRID Board Role: Director of Membership
  • Conference Role: Member Voting Rights/ Business Meeting Quorum

Keisha Osborne

  • PCRID Board Role: Director of Meetings
  • Conference Role: Board Liaison to the Conference Chairs

Samantha Schein

  • PCRID Board Role: Director of Professional Development
  • Conference Role: On-Site Support Staff Coordinator

Traci Ison

  • PCRID Board Role: Director of Community Relations
  • Conference Role: Service Learning Partnership POC; conference website, email, & advertising

Nicole Morgan

  • PCRID Board Role: Director of Finance (Treasurer)
  • Conference Role: Conference Financial Transactions


view conference vlogs

Conference Announcement

Conference Presenters & Event

Call For Sponsors

Conference Schedule & Workshops


vlog recap

Note the ASL Signs used in the Conference vlogs:

  • Conference Theme
  • Deafies in Drag Event
  • Other conference-relevant signs

Who are the conference presenters?

Who is the Sponsors & Exhibits Committee Chair?

What position does Keisha Osborne have on the Board of Directors?


conference procedures

How does the annual conference actually happen?


Annual Business Meeting

What is the purpose of the PCRID Annual Business Meeting?


Committee placements

Important Student Instructions:

  • Each student is placed with a "Pre-Conference Committee" which you will work with prior to the conference for the purposes of conference preparation.
  • Separately, each student is also tasked with an "On-site Role" which you will work with during the Conference. The on-site Support Staff Coordinator is Samantha Schein: supportstaff@pcrid.org
  • Student Committee & Role Placements are coordinated on a shared spreadsheet, to which a link has been provided in email: 
      • Number 1 lists the main committee/role you will be placed with is listed under the number 1.
      • Number 2 is only a backup; PCRID will inform you if you are needed for this committee/ role.
  • Please communicate with your committee POC once you have received an introduction email.
  • Committees and On-Site placements are subject to change at any time - Make sure any changes are documented in the spreadsheet.
  • Please direct all questions about the program to the Service Learning Coordinator, Traci Ison: communityrealtions@pcrid.org

Pre-Conference Committee

  • students serve as a member of the conference committee
  • work with their committee POC

Time Period:

  • Now until December 7
  • May extend to on-site duties Dec 7-9
  • :)

On-site Role

  • students serve as conference support staff
  • work with on-site support staff coordinator, Samantha Schein

Time Period:

  • Friday, December 7: Conference Set up
  • Saturday, December 8: Conference Day 1
  • Sunday, December 9: Conference Day 2


Roles & Duties

What are the roles & duties of your Conference committee, and for your On-site Role?

Important instructions:

  1. Find the Roles & Duties of your specific committees; review & take note.
  2. After you are introduced via email, connect with the Committee POC
  3. Discuss POC's expectations & note additional roles & duties (if any).
    • Communication: Exchange mobile contact info & set time/ response expectations.
    • To avoid confusion, please do not reach out to your committee POC until you have received an introduction email.

ON-Site Support Staff Schedule

View Conference Schedule

Volunteers & Support Staff Shifts:

Saturday, December 8 *Needs the most volunteers

          • Shift A1: 7 am – 12 pm* 
          • Shift A2: 11 am – 4 pm*
          • Shift A3: 6 pm – 9pm

Sunday, December 9

          • Shift B1: 8 am – 1:30 pm
          • Shift B2: 1 pm – 5:30 pm


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