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PCRID stands for the "Potomac Chapter of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf," and is an affiliate chapter of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID).

Our professional organization serves the sign language interpreter community of Maryland and the District of Columbia. PCRID is a registered non-profit organization in the state of Maryland.


First Meeting Minutes 1971

Original Articles of Incorporation 1978


PCRID Updated its Bylaws on December 7, 2019:

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PCRID Bylaws previous to December 7, 2019:


PCRID's mission statement aligns with the RID Mission StatementPCRID's mission is to support the continued growth and development of the sign language interpreting profession. 

PCRID is committed to advancing the quality, professionalism, and integrity of sign language interpreting in Maryland and the District of Columbia through education, information and advocacy.


The goals of PCRID are to initiate, sponsor, promote and execute policies and activities that further the profession of the sign language interpreter.

PCRID offers workshops on diverse topics for a wide range of practitioners, including both Deaf and hearing interpreters.


➡ Certified Members

Certified Members are PCRID Members who hold a nationally recognized certification and are RID and PCRID Members in good standing. 

➡ Supporting Members
Supporting Members are current members of PCRID who are not interpreters, yet support the interpreting profession and interpreter community. 

➡ Student Members
Student Members are people who are currently enrolled at an educational institution in an interpreter training/ preparation program. 

➡ Associate Members
Associate Members are typically interpreters who have recently graduated from an ITP and may be pre-certified. PCRID Associate Members should be working toward interpreter certification.

➡ Organizational Members
Organizational members show their support to the interpreting profession and interpreter community by being an PCRID Organizational Member. Organizational Members are our local interpreter agencies and business, educational institutions, partner interpreter organizations, Deaf organizations, community organizations, and supporting organizations. 

Every PCRID member is expected to be a member of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. There are two categories of PCRID Members: Individual Members and Organizational Members. Individual PCRID Members consist of the following categories: Certified Members, Associate Members, Student Members, and Supporting Members.

While PCRID maintains an annual membership of 400-600, PCRID has over email 1200 subscribers. (See PCRID News & Communications). Additionally, all current members are listed in the PCRID Member Directory, while organizational members are listed in the PCRID Organizational Member Directory.

PCRID Volunteers

The PCRID Board if Directors is made up of the Executive Committee: the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary, and up to six additional board members.

Meet the PCRID Board

The Executive Committee has specific duties and responsibilities according to the state where the organization is registered. Board Members can choose to take on any area of interest in the sign language interpreting field that is deemed beneficial to the organization, membership, or the communities we serve.

Two categories within PCRID that have been identified as areas of need are: Professional Development and Member Relations. 

Here are some examples of areas of interest that PCRID board members could take on: Mentorship, Community Liaison, Scholarships & Awards, Interpreter Licensing, Legislation, PCRID Website Design, Social Media Communications: News & Email, and more. 

New to the Board? Read, sign, & submit the PCRID Conflict of Interest statement Form, and the Memorandum of Understanding. 

Annual Conference

Consistent with PCRID’s mission, goals, and intentions, PCRID holds an annual conference for its members and local interpreting communities.

Learn more about The PCRID Annual Conference


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PCRID is a 501c3 non-profit organization. 

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