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SSL Orientation

STUDENT Service Learning (SSL) Partnership

How it works:

1. Student volunteers will be placed with a PCRID committee or board member (i.e. PCRID representatives). The intention is to create a teaching/ learning relationship between each student volunteer and PCRID representative.

2. PCRID Representatives will communicate with student volunteers, and student volunteers will participate by supporting PCRID representatives in their projects and initiatives.

3. Students will also volunteer on-site in the role of Conference Support Staff during the weekend of the conference, under the coordination of the Support Staff Coordinator.

Goal: Mutual Benefit

PCRID's goal in working with students taking part in an interpreter program is to connect, support, and providing a learning opportunity for interpreting students, developing the future leaders of our field, as well as to benefit from student volunteer support. The goal of the Student and the student's educational institute is to provide service in the Deaf and interpreting communities, while getting a measurable learning/teaching experience.

What it Looks Like:

  • Students are under supervision of their instructor, and receive educational credit within their interpreting program for their service experiences.
  • PCRID will connect students with a point of contact, and orient students in the purpose and intentions of our organization.
  • Both the PCRID representative and the student's educational institute will provide a list of students to the PCRID representatives.
  • The students and the PCRID student representatives communicate and work together on tasks as agreed upon by the student and the PCRID representative.


Context is Decisive

Students: The area PCRID representatives most need support from student volunteers is the PCRID Annual Conference. Get familiar with PCRID's current and past conferences. Click on each Conference link and review the content. (Note the ASL signs used in the Conference Vlogs, the Conference topic, names and roles of the leaders & presenters, etc.)

2020 Conference

2019 Conference

2018 Conference


    conference procedures

    How does the annual conference actually happen?


    Conference committee Roles & Duties

    Review the Roles and Duties of the Conference Committee in the PCRID Policies and Procedures Manual (PPM)


    Annual Business Meeting

    What is the purpose of the PCRID Annual Business Meeting?
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