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Meet the board

Traci Ison

President; Executive Board

Traci Ison is a CODA who has been a certified interpreter for twenty years. She began working in the DMV in 2010 and finally settled in MD in 2014. Her insight from having lived and worked in various Deaf communities around the country is an asset to the PCRID board. Traci is committed to advancing the interpreter profession by fostering meaning collaboration among the Deaf & Interpreter communities, and all stakeholder communities. 

Antonio Burkett

Board of Directors

Executive Committee: Vice President

Area of Focus: Communications

Antonio moved to the DC metro area from Pine Bluff, Arkansas and graduated from the CCBC Interpreter Program.  After working for the government for nearly thirteen years, Antonio resigned his full-time job in February 2019 to fully commit to his interpreting career, and currently works as a freelance and VRS interpreter. In addition to his leadership on the PCRID Board of Directors, Antonio managed social media for the DC Chapter of the National Association Of Black Interpreters (NAOBI-DC) in 2019.

Antonio Burkett served two years on the PCRID Board as the Director of Communications.

Nicole Morgan

Board of Directors

Executive Committee: Treasurer

Area of Focus: SAGE

Nicole holds a Master of Arts in ASL Linguistics from Gallaudet University. Her desire is to merge her expertise in linguistics with what she knows and continues to learn about the field of interpreting to foster better relationships between the Deaf and Interpreting communities. 

Her goals are to create initiatives that increase PCRID’s mission to be a part of changing and diversifying the face of the Interpreting community by further expanding its outreach with and between the Deaf and Interpreting organizations whom share our region.

Nicole Morgan served as treasurer for the 2019-20 Board of PCRID, and as Chair of the 2019 PCRID Annual Conference, "Be Intentional!"


Board of Directors

Executive Committee: Secretary

The PCRID Executive Board Secretary position is currently vacant. The role of the Secretary is to document meetings of board & member meetings and work with the archivist to log these items for historical purposes. If you are interested in taking on this position or in training in future board leadership, email president@pc-rid.org.

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Vern Williams

Board of Directors

Area of Focus: Professional Development

Bio Coming Soon

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