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Certificate Maintenance Program (CMP)

Thank you for choosing PCRID to process your continuing education units. The RID Certification Maintenance Program was established to ensure our certifications retain value and guarantee quality with members who stay current on the latest theories, strategies, and techniques.  

PCRID is an RID approved sponsor of continuing education activities and we are able to sponsor all four types of CEUs: Workshops & Conferences, Academic Coursework, Independent Study, and Participant Initiated Non-RID Activities (PINRAs). RID has a limited number of staff members who process CEUs, therefore they rely on sponsors throughout the country to process CEU paperwork. At PCRID, our CMP sponsors are interpreters just like you, and they work on an entirely volunteer basis. 

RID has a well developed set of guidelines that govern the acceptance of CEUs.  PCRID is subject to regular audits to ensure we are upholding the membership-driven requirements and maintaining excellence with our CEU sponsorship. Help us help you! Submit your forms far enough in advance so that we can ensure you have all the needed documentation for your CEUs, and to ensure that you have filled out the documents properly. Because this is a volunteer effort, our work hours vary, especially around the holidays. Therefore, our timelines are designed to ensure we have sufficient time to review your forms and submit  them to RID on time.  

We look forward to working with you!


Suggested Donation Amount for Processing Workshop CEUs

  • Individual Members: $31 per workshop
  • Organizational Members: $35 per workshop
  • Non-members: $50 per workshop

Individual CEU Proccessing is a Free Member Benefit!

Individual PCRID members receive FREE CEU processing for independent studies, academic coursework, and PINRAs as part of their membership benefits!

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