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Planning Committee

2022 Symposium

Planning Committee

Antonio Burkett, NIC
Pronouns: he, him

Image ID: Black male with cornrows in a suit, white oxford and striped tie, with a plain background.

Planning Committee

Sherly Jacob, NIC
Pronouns: she, her

Image ID: Sherly looks into the camera. She has long red hair and is standing outdoors near a train station. She is wearing a black top.

Website Manager

Shannon Morrison, MA, NIC
Pronouns: she, her

Image ID: Shannon is a dark skinned Black woman. She is smiling joyfully whilst looking into the camera. She is wearing large round glasses, green shirt and a light gray blazer. She's seated in front of a dark green backdrop. Her curly hair frames her face.

Planning Committee

Lucas King, BA, NIC
Pronouns: he, his

Image ID: A white male with glasses is wearing a grey coat and black scarf while smiling straight ahead. In the background is the Brooklyn Bridge and the New York City skyline at sunset.

Presenter Organizer

Monica Gallego, MA, NCC, BEI Tri-Adv
Pronouns: she, her

Image ID: A white cis Latina with blond and brown curly hair smiling at the camera, she has brown rimmed glasses, red lipstick, a red tank top and a blue blazer. She is also wearing a gold colored necklace and gold hoop earrings. Behind her is green plants/trees including a red flower next to her on the left side of the image. She also has a heart tattoo on her chest. The colors are yellow, blue and red to represent her Colombian heritage. 

Presenter Organizer

Tricia Vazquez, BA, NIC
Pronouns: she, her

Image ID: Tricia looks into the camera. She is wearing a black top, large rimmed glasses, earrings, and is sitting in front of a blue backdrop.

CMP Chair

Rebecca Rosenbarker, MA, NIC
Pronouns: she, her

Image ID: Rebecca has shoulder length brown hair and is looking away from the camera with sunglasses on top of her head. She is sitting outside with a blurred wooded background.

CMP Workshop Coordinator

Emma Fitzhugh, NIC, EIPA
Pronouns: she, her

Image ID: A white woman is pictured. She is seated and wearing black rectangular glasses and grinning at the camera. Her eyes are hazel. She has approximately shoulder-length dark brown hair and is wearing a black collared shirt and a black suit jacket. The background is blurred but it is mostly gray/black.

Tech Support Coordinator

Melchior Fernandez, NIC
Pronouns: He, him

Image ID: Melchior has short dark hair and a short beard. He is wearing a bright pink button down shirt with a black vest smiling for a selfie. The background is a white wall with a coat rack.

Planning Committee

Erika Hush Samuels, BA
Pronouns: She, her

Image ID: Erika is a dark-skinned African-American woman with high-cheek bones and dimples. Her dark hair is worn in a straight style, slightly blowing in the wind.  She is wearing gold geometric hoops. Erika is looking directly into the camera with a wide smile wearing deep burgundy lipstick.  She is also wearing a black collarless shirt while standing in front of a blurred out brick building.

Social Media

Emily Dittmer, NIC
Pronouns: She, her

Image ID: White woman smiling and looking at the camera. She has a shaved head and is wearing a gray top with jeans and sneakers. She is sitting on the edge of the beach with the blue waves and blue sky in the background.

Planning Committee

Heather Kaplan
Pronouns: She, her

Image ID: White woman smiling and looking at the camera. She's wearing a plaid shirt and long blonde hair.

Sponsor Coordinator

Claire Hatton, NIC
Pronouns: She, her

Image ID: Smiling selfie of Claire Hatton, a white woman in her 30s with dark brown hair, large square glasses, and a green turtleneck.

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