Maryland Interpreter Licensure

[Visual Description: Photo of people using sign language. Text: Maryland Sign Language Interpreter Licensure].

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Recent Bills

MD Joint Chairmen's Report (JCR) 2020

“Given the importance of quality interpreters to the deaf and hard of hearing community and the importance of the deaf and hard of hearing community to the State the committees request that ODHH submit a report describing: policy options that the State could implement to protect its deaf and hard of hearing residents from unskilled, fraudulent, or unethical interpreters; and a strategic plan that does not rest solely on the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc. certifications to ensure an adequate pool of competent interpreters in the State.”

Reference: MDGODHH Letter Sept 1, 2020

RID Position Statement

RID Info on State Licensing

PCRID Community Relations Committee

Shelby Abdilah, MDAD Liaison & Liaison on Maryland Licensing

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