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Maryland Interpreter Licensure

Have questions about Maryland interpreter licensure? Updates and additional information can be found on the MDIL Website.

Current Status

As of February 2023, the MD Interpreter Licensure Bill has been submitted to both the Maryland House of Delegates and the Senate and will have hearings in front of both committees. PCRID has submitted written testimony in support of the bill which can be viewed here.

Visit MDIL Website


Previous Updates

As of May 2022, the MD Interpreter Licensure Bill has failed to pass into law. The MDIL team is working diligently--meeting with stakeholders, doing education amonst the community, etc--to prepare resubmission of the bill during the 2023 Legislative Session. Please visit the MDIL website for further information/updates.

RID Position Statements on Licensure

Other Bills

PCRID Licensure Contact

Shelby Abdilah, MDAD Liaison & Liaison on Maryland Licensing

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