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July 2020

PCRID’s liaison to MDAD, Shelby Abdilah, joined MDAD in a call with Maryland Delegate Gabe Acevero. The intention of the call was to educate him on the errors in the version of draft bill submitted by Kittleman in March 2020 (Kittleman’s office combined the current bill with the previous year’s withdrawn bill). 

Shelby’s report indicates that Del. Acevero is happy to support the bill and is pleased we are starting the process early this time. He shared that he is a member of the Black, Latinx, and LGBTQ+ caucuses and suggested we also lobby them since our community is intersectional. He said we need to lobby both the House and Senate Rules Committee because it appears that is where the bill must go first due to jurisdictional rules and it's difficult to get bills out of that committee without a lot of support from the community.

The rough schedule for submitting a bill looks as follows: 

  1. MDAD submit the draft bill to Del. Acevero

  2. Del. Acevero submits the bill to drafting in the House

  3. The House sends the final draft back to us so we can once again circulate it with the Deaf and interpreter communities to generate support.

  4. Del. Acevero submits the final draft bill before the session starts to ensure we get a hearing early on.

Contact PCRID liaison to MDAD, Shelby Abdilah


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