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PCRID is committed to the Professional Integrity of the Sign Language Interpreting profession & stand with Deaf people in having communication be accessible.

Defining Sign Language Interpreting

We define sign language interpreting as the act of facilitating communication between people who use an aural language to communicate and people who use a visual signed language to communicate; the exchange of compensation for sign language interpreting, the profession; and the person performing the act of sign language interpreting, the sign language interpreter.  

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Requirements For Sign Language Interpreters

Significant training in skill, knowledge, and awareness is required before one becomes a sign language interpreter practitioner and practices interpreting professionally. Continuous progression in and development of skills, knowledge, and awareness is required for one to be a sign language interpreter or provide interpreting services.

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Our Impact as Practitioners

We acknowledge the accuracy of a sign language interpreter practitioner's interpretations, how we conduct ourselves, and the choices we make when we are being sign language interpreters directly impact Deaf people and their lives.

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Our Committment to the Field

By taking responsibility for ourselves, our actions, and what we impact around us, we get to take on causing integrity in the field of sign language interpreting, and we get to be a stand for others holding themselves accountable.

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PCRID is a 501c3 non-profit organization. 

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