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Morning Sessions

Saturday, Dec. 10th
Conference Schedule

"Winter Skills Lab: Team Communication" 0.15 CEUs

Presented by Mónica Gallego and Tricia Vazquez

This hands-on workshop is a tailored space for sign language interpreters to develop, identify and analyze the best practices for interacting with colleagues through all different kinds of correspondence in response to varying situational needs. Participants will work collectively to develop email, text, and video scripts to be used in response to proposed common field scenarios.


Participants will be able to:

  • Identify and evaluate how our communication practices and scripts must be adapted consistently
  • Explore and recognize their own strengths and areas of improvement with correspondence by identifying them during group sessions
  • Recognize and address how unintentional bias may impact the working relationship with stakeholders
  • Apply these new interpersonal communication skills to become more culturally responsive and improve their community-building techniques.

"Multicultural Perspectives for Interpreters in Mental Health Settings" 0.15 CEUs

Sandy Pascual, Brian "BAM" Moss, and Claudia Mansilla

Join this open discussion regarding the multicultural lens that needs to be considered when interpreting in mental health settings.


Participants will gain:

  • Knowledge, tips and resources available for them and increase their network of multilingual colleagues in the mental health setting
  • Knowledge in working with multicultural clients in mental health settings
  • Exposure to tips for teaming with Deaf interpreters in mental health settings
  • Through open discussions activities, participants will be able to build on their resources and networks

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Afternoon Session

Saturday, Dec. 10th
Conference Schedule

"What do you do with an idea?
You create a workshop!" 0.3 CEUs

Presented by Cindy Wood and Amy Kisner

This workshop hopes to provide participants with detailed information about generating ideas and taking those ideas to the next level in developing an RID CEU approved workshop that will add value to the interpreting profession. Participants will have an opportunity to brainstorm ideas, collaborate with other participants, and receive some preliminary feedback from their peers about potential workshop topics.

Presenters will offer participants specific strategies for developing their idea, how to earn CEUs along the way, and in the end have a product that is worthy and ready to move to the workshop development phase. They will also share ideas and resources about creating their presentation, working with a host, and how to bring their workshop to the interpreting community, virtually and/or in-person. Finally, this workshop endeavors to lay the foundation for participants to begin drafting their workshop ideas, and initiate opportunities to build a lasting network of collaborators and colleagues.


Participants will be able to:

  • Identify two workshop worthy ideas that will add value to the field of interpreting
  • Outline a workshop description
  • Draft two or three strong educational objectives
  • Identify a specific target audience based on workshop content

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