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CEU Processing & Payment

PCRID is an RID approved sponsor of continuing education activities and we are able to sponsor all four types of CEUs:

With PCRID membership, you can get your Academic Coursework, Independent Study, and Participant Initiated Non-RID Activity (PINRA) CEUs processed for free! PCRID members also benefit from discounted rates on Workshop CEU processing. We can process all types of CEUs for non-PCRID members for a nominal fee.

If you're interested in having CEUs processed for any of the listed continuing education activities, follow the instructions below to get started.

Pay to Process CEUs

(Click button to pay for CEU processing by PCRID)


Which CEUs do I Apply For? 

See RID's handy guide for examples and criteria. Still have questions? Contact us at

Workshops & Conferences

Must be submitted to PCRID at least 45 days before event. 

Hosting a workshop or conference for interpreters? We can process your CEUs! We will need the following forms from you: 

  • Sponsor Form
  • Instructor Form
  • Sample Certificate

More Info:

Click here for further instructions 

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Academic Coursework

Must be submitted before the end of your current CEU cycle.

Taking college courses for credit? A typical college semester course earns 4.5 CEUs, don't miss out! We will need the following information:

  • Proof of Accreditation 
  • AC Request Form
  • Course Description
  • Registration
  • Transcript

More Info:

Click here for full instructions

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Independent Study

Please submit to PCRID at least 10 days before you expect to start.

Do you want to create your own learning opportunities, or to delve into recent publications in the field? Is there a specific area of interest you wish to be educated in, but you cannot find a workshop that fits your needs? An Independent Study might be just what you are looking for.

Apply Here to get your Independent Study CEUs approved for processing.

More Info:

Click here for full instructions

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Please submit to PCRID at least 10 days before the event.

Attending a workshop or conference that is not RID approved, or specifically related to interpreting? You may still be able to earn CEUs! 
    Apply Here to get your PINRA CEUs approved for processing.

    We will need the following information from you:

    • PINRA Request Form
    • Activity Description 
    • Activity Agenda
    • Instructor Bios

    More Info:

    Click here for full instructions

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    Thank you!

    We acknowledge you for keeping current on the latest theories and techniques in our field; a well-educated interpreter is a benefit to the communities we serve and the profession!

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