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Independent Study processing is currently suspended.

RID CEU PRocessing Through PCRID: Independent Studies

PCRID would be happy to sponsor your Independent Study! Please see below for detailed instructions for submission.

Definition of Independent Study

The independent study is designed to meet the needs of practicing professionals who desire an alternative to traditional instructional activities. With guidance from a sponsor, participants can undertake a self-designed educational experience for the enhancement of skills and knowledge in a specific area. A sponsor may decline to sponsor an activity at the sponsor’s sole discretion. 

An Independent Study application must be completed and approved before the start of the event. At least 10 days advanced notice is appreciated. Applications may be approved with less than 10 days' notice, however, this is not a guarantee. 

Types of activities that may be considered (not exhaustive):

  • Original research
  • Developing course instruction materials
  • Publications
  • Study Groups
  • Mentorships
  • Literature reviews
  • And more!

Does my request fall under Independent Study or PINRA? Watch this quick guide to learn more.

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Steps to Complete an Independent Study

  1. Fill out the Independent Study Request Form
  2. E-mail the following to
    • An idea of what you would like to learn
    • The sources you will be learning from (books, website, mentors, tutors, etc.)
    • The type of documentation of work you will submits
  3. Get approval from the sponsor for your plan. When applying for an independent study, the more thought out your plan is the easier it will be to approve. There is no set template and the criteria is determined on a case-by-case basis by the sponsor.
  4. Submit evidence of completion. All time spent working on the Study needs to be documented and must be submitted within 12 months of your start date.

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