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Potomac Chapter

of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

Workshop Series: Share The Journey


Date: Saturday, December 5, 2020  

Time: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

0.3 Professional Studies (PS) CEUs

Presenters: Chante Frazier, Sherrette Gárate-Estes, and Tiffany Hill View Presenter Bios

Share The Journey Series for Mentors: Three presenters address topics specifically relevant to interpreters engaged in or interested in engaging in the role of “mentor.” These three sessions will focus on such topics as creating safe spaces within mentor-mentee relationships, developing plans and frameworks to guide a working relationship between mentors and mentees, and looking inwards at one’s self to help foster a productive relationship. 

These three sessions will help improve participants’ ability to engage in productive mentor-mentee relationships by addressing the topics of creating safe spaces, developing strong frameworks, and engaging in self-assessment with the end goal of improving mentorship principles.

Creating a Brave/Safe Space

Presented By: Chante Frazier

This session will focus on how mentors can promote a brave/safe space in their mentoring practice. Participants will explore realistic scenarios and strategies for maintaining safe space in each. These scenarios will include responding to mentee questions and concerns, providing feedback, and mentoring people with intersectional identities.

By the end of this session, participants will: 

  • Understand what a brave or safe space entails

  • Practice responding to questions and concerns raised by mentees while maintaining a safe space

  • Practice providing feedback and mentoring while respecting and promoting a brave space

  • Discuss and identify strategies for maintaining safe space for mentees with intersectional identities

  • Identify at least one lesson learned that they will apply to their practice

Creating a Plan With Your Mentee

Presented By: Sherrette Gárate-Estes

Working with a developing professional can be exciting, engaging, and daunting. It is easy to feel paralized by the many potential directions that mentoring can lead. This session is designed to help give participants a framework to structure their relationships with mentees, ensuring a more fruitful partnership for both.

By the end of this session, participants will:  

  • Understand options for a working framework for them and their mentee,

  • Be prepared for limitations and considerations of each framework, and

  • Understand the possible roadblocks in working in mentor-mentee relationships and how to work through them. 

Mentoring 101

Presented By: Tiffany Hill

Becoming a mentor is as much about knowing yourself as it is knowing your mentee. In this session, mentors and aspiring mentors will discuss the dynamics of laying and building the groundwork for successful mentor-mentee relationships, starting with self.

By the end of this session, participants will: 

  • Analyze the dynamics of mentoring

  • Identify faulty principles related to mentoring

  • Apply new concepts to improve their approach 

  • Be able to create their own mentoring plan of action 

CEU and CMP Sponsor Information

While PCRID is hosting the Share The Knowledge conference, CEUs are being processed by the Center for Independent Living Jacksonville, 2709 Art Museum Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32207, phone: 904-399-8484 ext 607 (v). For questions regarding Conference CEUs, you may email the PCRID Conference committee at with any CEU related questions until 12/11/2020. Please use the subject line “Share the Knowledge CEU Question.” 

In order to receive CEUs, conference attendees will be required to submit their RID information (name, RID #, city/state) via an evaluation form distributed after each workshop. Attendees have until 12/11/2020 to complete these forms.

The PCRID 2020 Annual Conference Share The Knowledge CEU Team will share the evaluation form responses with our CMP Sponsor, the Center for Independent Living Jacksonville, who will then submit this information to RID.

In an effort to maintain integrity in the CMP process, the Share the Knowledge CMP Team will be taking screenshots of the participant lists periodically throughout each workshop. Doing so will ensure that those requesting CEUs via the evaluation form have attended each workshop in full. 

Accessibility and Non-Discrimination Statement

PCRID believes in making Share the Knowledge accessible. Share the Knowledge will be presented in American Sign Language (ASL) on a virtual platform, Zoom. Each of our presenters have been given clear instructions on how to dress and maintain a clear background while presenting on Zoom. If you have any questions or a request for reasonable accommodations, please contact with the subject line “Reasonable Accommodation Request” and our Team will be in touch. 

PCRID believes in providing a safe learning environment for all participants. We do not allow for discriminatory behavior. Should you be a witness or experience discriminatory behavior while attending the PCRID “Share the Knowledge” conference, please contact PCRID President Traci Ison at or Vice President Antonio Burkett at

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