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Workshop: Share the Method

Saturday, December 5, 2020 

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

0.3 Professional Studies (PS) CEUs

Presenters: Arlyn Anderson and Libby McKnight, Eileen Forestal, and Omoyele Thomas  See Bios

Share the Method workshops for both mentees and mentors will consist of three 50 minute presentations, incorporating perspectives from both national and international interpreters as well as both hearing and Deaf interpreters. These presentations will touch on the topics of peer mentoring and the benefits it may have both personally and professionally, gaps within mentoring for CDIs/DIs and proposed improvements, and supervision and its place within an interpreters career.

Each presentation will serve to enhance participants' understanding of the topics of peer mentoring, mentoring for CDIs/DIs, and professional supervision.

Peer Support and Consultation Project For Interpreters

Co-presented by Arlyn Anderson and Libby McKnight 

This presentation will provide participants with an overview of the Peer Support and Consultation Project for Interpreters (PSCPI) model of facilitated peer mentoring. In this brief experiential presentation participants will explore the connection between personal wellbeing, self-knowledge and professional effectiveness which are at the core of PSCPI groups. Through lecture and group activities, the presenters will provide examples of the transformative potential of courageous sharing and generous listening in a supportive professional context.     

By the end of this session, participants will be able to: 

  • Describe at least two possible cumulative neurological impacts of the work of the interpreter on professionalism and effectiveness

  • Describe 2-3 positive outcomes of facilitated support and consultation on professional effectiveness

  • Explain the role of core values in personally challenging professional situations 

Gaps in Mentoring for C/DIs 

Presented By: Eileen Forestal

This presentation will focus on mentoring and Deaf interpreters through the sharing of research-based information on Deaf interpreters’ perspectives on mentoring, either as a mentor or mentee. Attendees will learn about theoretical foundations that serve to guide a reframing of mentoring as a transformative, collaborative practice, full of energy and driven by success. The presenter will also discuss technique enhancement, from a multidimensional perspective, that will support mentors in guiding their mentee to a deeper level of balance between the work of interpreting and life.

By the end of this session, participants will: 

  • Be able to discuss Deaf interpreters’ perspectives on needs and preferences for mentoring approaches

  • Have an increased understanding of the whole-person approach to mentoring relationships

  • Be able to explain elements of constructivism and theories within the mentoring process

  • Be able to explain some mentoring techniques and approaches


Presented By, Guest Speaker: Omoyele Thomas

Presented in British Sign Language (BSL) and Interpreted in ASL

This presentation will be an exploration of individual's experiences regarding professional supervision. This will include functions of supervision, necessary preparations, what to expect from a professional supervisor, and how to find a professional supervisor. In addition, participants will identify their current support system to see where additional support can be found as needed.

By the end of this session, participants will: 

  • Understand what professional supervision is

  • Learn the benefits of participating in professional supervision

  • Know where to go to engage the services of a Professional supervisor

CEUs & CMP Sponsor Information

While PCRID is hosting the Share The Knowledge conference, CEUs are being processed by the Center for Independent Living, 2709 Art Museum Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32207, phone: 904-399-8484 ext 607 (v). For questions regarding Conference CEUs, you may email the PCRID Conference committee at with any CEU related questions until 12/11/2020. Please use the subject line “Share the Knowledge CEU Question.” 

In order to receive CEUs, conference attendees will be required to submit their RID information (name, RID #, city/state) via an evaluation form distributed after each workshop. Attendees have until 12/11/2020 to complete these forms.

The PCRID 2020 Annual Conference Share The Knowledge CEU Team will share the evaluation form responses with our CMP Sponsor, the Center for Independent Living Jacksonville, who will then submit this information to RID.

In an effort to maintain integrity in the CMP process, the Share the Knowledge CMP Team will be taking screenshots of the participant lists periodically throughout each workshop. Doing so will ensure that those requesting CEUs via the evaluation form have attended each workshop in full. 

Accessibility and Non-Discrimination Statement

PCRID believes in making Share the Knowledge accessible. Share the Knowledge will be presented in American Sign Language (ASL) on a virtual platform, Zoom. Each of our presenters have been given clear instructions on how to dress and maintain a clear background while presenting on Zoom. If you have any questions or a request for reasonable accommodations, please contact with the subject line “Reasonable Accommodation Request” and our Team will be in touch. 

PCRID believes in providing a safe learning environment for all participants. We do not allow for discriminatory behavior. Should you be a witness or experience discriminatory behavior while attending the PCRID “Share the Knowledge” conference, please contact PCRID President Traci Ison at or Vice President Antonio Burkett at

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