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June 2022 Community Updates

01 Jun 2022 4:58 PM | Shannon Morrison (Administrator)


  • RID NIC Performance Exam officially retired
  • Time to renew RID/PCRID Memberships (deadline: 6/30/22)
  • Dual membership requirement
  • New RID Professional Development Policy FAQ page
  • Upcoming Family Fun Day and other professional development opportunities
  • Happy Pride Month!

[Video Description: Shannon stands outside in front of her house signing into the camera. She’s wearing a greent t-shirt, glasses, hoop earrings and her natural shoulder-length hair. She stands in front of her green house and a window while the sun is shining.]


  • CASLI Exam Update:
  • RID PD FAQs:


Hi! I'm back with updates for you, our PCRID membership! If you don't know who I am, my name is Shannon Morrison and I'm the PCRID Special Projects Coordinator. I've been in this position for about the last 1.5-2 years. In this post, I'll recap somethings that happened last month (May) and share some upcoming news/events.

In last month's "April Update" (, I mentioned that RID would be retiring the NIC [hearing interpreter] Performance Exam with May 17, 2022 being the last eligible day to take the exam. Moving forward, CASLI has developed a written and performance exam [for hearing interpreters], however, they have not yet announced the release date for their new performance exam. Please stay tuned for further information regarding the release date; I've also linked a CASLI press release about the updates somewhere in this post (above, below, to the side..wherever *smile*).

It's that time of year again! It's time to renew your RID and PCRID memberships for the year. Understand that according to the [RID] bylaws and for legal reasons, you MUST be a member of RID. If you wanted to vote and are eligible to vote in PCRID-related things, you must ALSO be a member of RID. The level of membership you must hold with RID, however, is not exact. You could be a student, associate, or certified member of RID in addition to being an active member of PCRID. Again, this is for voting purposes. For example, if you wanted to vote for PCRID President or VP or vote in favor/against [PCRID] bylaws changes/make a motion, you must simulatenously be an RID member [of any level]. That rule is a legal one so please tell all your friends to renew their memberships!

You may have seen or heard people talking about the new RID policy regarding professional development. In summary, the policy states you cannot participate in multiple simulaneous professional development events and earn CEUs for participating in those events. That policy was recently passed by RID. There are exceptions, such as if you're enrolled in a 16-week course and happen to take a 2-hr workshop while enrolled in your 16-week course. That would NOT violate the new PD policy. RID has created an FAQ document/page to address this and other common situational exemptions they've been asked about by interpreters. I've linked that FAQ document here (somewhere) in this post.

Jumping back a second to Dual Membership for PCRID and RID, the renewal deadlines for both organizations is June 30, 2022 and that renewal is good for one year so you won't have to renew again until 2023!

Last year, PCRID in collaboration with NAOBI-DC hosted a Family Fun Day at a local park where everyone gathered to talk, play games, eat, and catch up. We want to host another in-person gathering this year but we want to include even MORE local organizations. We're currently in the planning phase with those organizations to host Family Fun Day 2022 so stay tuned as we release more information in the coming weeks.

In addition to the upcoming Family Fun Day, our team is working on several professional development opportunities for you. They're currently getting all the details together so we'll share more with you when they're ready to share an update.

And lastly, HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! June is Pride month and we want to recognize all the amazing interpreters who are a part of the LGBTQA+ community. Thank you for all you do and for being a part of our interpreting community. Happy PRIDE!

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